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What is ImplantPilot®?

ImplantPilot® is a revolutionary new system developed to increase the precision of implant placement while being less invasive and reducing patients’ discomfort.

How is ImplantPilot® different to conventional Implant treatment?

Conventional implant treatment requires the gums to be cut and folded back to be able to see the bone at the implant site. Using the ImplantPilot® keyhole technique, there is much less tissue damage and ergo much less post-operative discomfort. No sutures are required, there is less risk of bleeding and the procedure can usually be completed in a fraction of the usual time.

Does ImplantPilot® treatment take longer because of the extensive planning?

No. Due to the Impression of your mouth and CT scan taken at your consultation, we are able to extensively plan out your treatment without you being present.

What’s a CT scan, and why do I need one?

A CT scan is a 3D Xray. A scan is needed to ensure we have the clearest view possible of your mouth, as well as the underlying bone and tissue in the general area.

How long will the treatment take?

On average, the surgery time for a single implant takes approximately 30 minutes. You will then require approximately 3 additional appointments to restore your implants. Each appointment will last around 20-30 minutes.

Where can I get ImplantPilot®?

Call us now to find your nearest practice that uses the ImplantPilot® system on 03300 249 778, or if you would like us to call you, visit our request a call back page.